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The tornado series is inspired by the dynamic interactions of the forces of nature, and the forms that they shape.

Focusing more specifically on the tornado and decomposing its most basic structure, the exchange between warm and cold air combined with a rotation. These over simplified rules are basic building blocks that make the beautiful formations we see in nature like clouds, thunderstorms, tornados and other phenomena.

So how can we use these rules to create elegant shapes that remind us of these interactions? This is what this series of works is researching.

The tornado series pays tribute to the raw, untamed power of nature and the breathtaking beauty of its forms. Inspired by the complex dynamics of tornadoes, these works seek to capture the essence of this awe-inspiring phenomenon.

Tornadoes are formed by the interaction of warm and cold air, as well as a rotating motion. These seemingly simple rules give rise to some of the most spectacular displays of nature's power, from towering thunderstorms to swirling clouds to the devastating force of a tornado itself.

In this series, we dive into the basic building blocks of tornadoes and other weather patterns, seeking to understand how these fundamental principles give rise to such complex and graceful forms. By exploring the interplay of warm and cold air, the intricate dance of rotation and motion, and the beauty of these interactions, we aim to create art that reminds us of the majesty and wonder of nature.

From the subtle nuances of a cloud formation to the raw energy of a thunderstorm, the tornado series is a celebration of the dynamic forces that shape our world.